Dalai Cellai

Dalai is a Greek/Mongolian versatile cellist, singer and composer

Dalai completed her studies in Classical music performance with distinction at “Conservatory of Art & Technology” in Athens, Greece and has been a student of Dimitrios Gouzios (principal Cellist of K.O.A.), Catalin Ilea (UdK Berlin) and Lucio Amanti (Jazz Cello). When she moved to Berlin in 2008, she got involved in the free jazz scene and underground band culture of the city which resulted to a constant involvement in various musical and artistic collaborations and intensified her fascination for improvisation and composition.

With her electric and acoustic cello set up, Dalai has toured as a soloist worldwide with internationally acclaimed bands such as Sólstafir, the Ocean Collective, the Runaway Brides and also theatre productions like Cirque Bouffon, Little Big World (by Sebastiano Toma), avant-garde group Dirty Granny Tales and co-composed a modern take of Schillers ”The Robbers” at the National Theater of Meiningen, Germany.

Dalai is currently a member of dark cinematic band “Black Veil” and chamber black metal supergroup “Antiqva”. Her solo music work often involves interdisciplinary creations such as her latest dance/music piece "Ta panta rhei / Everything flows".

Dalai has been actively involved in the film music industry producing, composing and recording for films and often works with composers Johnny Klimek (Run Lola Run, Sense8), Mario Grigorov (Musical Chairs, The Evil Within) and others. Over the years, Dalai has worked with a wide range of productions & cliental, from HBO & Netflix to international art films.

Teaching has always been a constant companion along Dalai’s life, guiding beginner students to coaching professionals, from 6 years old children to people in their late 60s and everyone in between. It is a big joy for her to be able to share the knowledge and experience with the new generations of cello players.

Country of origin:

Berlin, Germany


Performing Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, Film and Theater Music.

Latest album:

Black Veil (Cello, Guitar)

Band Logo:


Soundcloud - Dalai Cellai:

YouTube - Dalai Cellai:

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